Telkom Yep marketplace adds new features for SMEs

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Telkom Business has introduced new features on its Yep online marketplace for SMEs, to help entrepreneurs increase their online visibility and grow their business.

Yep is a digital marketplace where customers can search and buy from small, trusted companies across SA.

According to the telco, the app is geared towards economic sustainability, and seeks to create a long-term future for small businesses.

It allows users to locate businesses or services they require in their area, request quotes, directly book appointments from the app, view the store online, and review its ratings.

The new solutions, introduced as part of the app’s Yellow Pages digital suite, are aimed at helping SMMEs to digitally transform and thrive in the digital economy. They include the Lead Generation tools and an upgraded all-in-one Website Builder Solution.

The Yep Lead Generation solution provides technology-driven performance marketing services that take the guesswork out of marketing online. Drawing from data science and analytics, the solution allows for highly-targeted campaigns to appeal to specific audience demands and drive meaningful action.

The Website Builder Solution is designed for SMEs to increase visibility, engagement and sales, using technology across the online sales funnel to build a brand online.

Through the integrated solution, businesses can experience an effective, transaction-focused, online presence across multiple touchpoints, according to the telco.

“Yep is on an exciting journey of digital transformation that will not only enhance the customer’s experience, but will allow SMEs to grow on the platform,” says Innocent Pereira, executive marketing of financial services at Telkom Business.

“We are expanding the e-marketplace to include new offerings from our Yellow Pages digital suite to improve a business’s ability to access customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital services and Yep is focused on developing innovative digital products that will enable businesses to access customers through multiple online platforms and increase their visibility.”

With Yep, Telkom transformed its 70-year-old Yellow Pages business into an online marketplace last year.

The platform was introduced as part of the telco’s fintech strategy to seek opportunities in e-commerce, big data and gaming to generate new revenue streams. The strategy came on the back of a growing trend for mobile operators to transform their operating models into a platform-based model, to drive growth through new digital services for consumers and offerings for enterprises.

Telkom Business says the YepWebsite Builder Solutionuses technology across the online sales funnel, to build a business’s brand online. It includes e-commerce features, such as a shopping cart and payment method, along with customer engagement tools, such as e-mail and SMS.

It also enables professional experts at Yep to assist SMEs by building their website, registering their domain, and taking care of the webhosting, as well as helping with lead funnel orchestration, via the call now, calendar booking and lead form functionality.

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