White paper: Xerox ConnectKey Remote Control Panel

Johannesburg, 02 Jul 2021
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Xerox ConnectKey technology provides an environment for operating and managing Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs). A Web-enabled Remote Control Panel feature is available on all Xerox ConnectKey Controller-based products and may be accessed as a client from any IP connected workstation. 

Remote Control Panel enables a user to view and operate the MFP user interface (UI) via a Web UI without being present at the physical device. This capability has a variety of applications and benefits throughout a product’s selling cycle and use. It can be used to demonstrate the product to prospective customers, to facilitate customer training and to provide real-time customer support. 

Remote Control Panel also significantly enhances the management and servicing of ConnectKey MFPs. The user roles for this feature are defined as General User, System Administrator (SA), and the Authorised Service Representative or Customer Service Engineer (CSE), each having their appropriate levels of access and control.

Please download the white paper below to learn more.

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