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Centrify and Altron Arrow offer exclusive PAM solution packages.

Johannesburg, 31 Mar 2021
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Centrify ’21, presented by Arrow Altron, offers a range of exclusive PAM solution packages, enabling organisations to dramatically reduce their cyber risk exposure across the ever-expanding attack surface. These solutions offer adaptive, preventive access controls, multi-factor authentication, targeted VPN-less access, and just-in-time privilege to rule out lateral movements of cyber adversaries – enhanced by insights to report on who has access to what and identify potential risks. Event data and risk alerts can be fed to your SIEM or remediation tools for timely mitigation.

You can now get a PAM solution that fits your needs for only $21 000 – including licence fees and five days of professional services. These packages are only available through Altron Arrow in Africa and are a great way to roll-out your PAM solution:

Centrify ‘21 PAM user rapid deployment – 20 users

This package is designed to ensure that your Centrify hosted implementation has the baseline functionality following Centrify’s best practices around resource and password management controls. Intended for environments with up to 200 vaulted resources, offering you a best practice design and a pilot deployment to approximately 20 resources in your environment.

Centrify ‘21 PAM server rapid deployment – 40 servers

Intended for environments with 200 or fewer Unix, Linux or Windows systems that make up the corporate enterprise. This package includes licences for 40 servers and five continuous days of consulting assistance, deploying a pilot environment (up to 10 systems) and a design document detailing the customer’s current environment and specific Centrify architecture, design and processes implemented to assist in completing the overall deployment.

Centrify ‘21 AD bridging rapid deployment – 100 servers

Intended for environments with up to 100 Unix/Linux systems that make up the corporate enterprise. This package works in fast and efficient deployment by using our supported scripts to build out the AD architecture and associated Centrify patented Hierarchical Zone technology. This allows an instant baseline of our Zero Trust Privilege Identity Broker and Direct Authorise technologies without a single disruption to the current application, system or user environment.

Why Centrify’s identity-centric PAM solutions win

These solutions allow organisations to deploy the most comprehensive set of privileged access controls and harden their environment against credential-based attacks with the following capabilities:

  • Identity consolidation (shared root admin accounts for break-glass access only);
  • Centrify Zone technology (establishes access zones to prevent lateral movement);
  • Privilege elevation controls (allows for just-enough and just-in-time access);
  • Connector gateway (local jump host to avoid infections when connecting to enterprise resources or to assure secure remote access for IT staff and outsourced IT);
  • Built-in MFA framework (provides initial deterrent and reduces lateral movement); and
  • Gateway – and/or host-based session monitoring (to detect abnormal behaviour and provide evidence.

These PAM solutions can help any organisation optimise and secure privileged access – whether the requester is human or machine – in the cloud or on-premises. For more information, speak to Gyula Wendler on to apply this cutting-edge technology in your organisation today. 

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