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Macrocomm makes data protection seamless with next-generation IOT solutions

Johannesburg, 17 Feb 2021
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Macrocomm, a leading South African-based IOT company, has announced its strategic partnership with Open Data Economy (ODE) to deliver solutions to key partners in the sub-Saharan region.

The partnership will allow Macrocomm to deliver the ODE Infinity platform to the major telecommunications network operators, large organisations in financial services, healthcare and state-owned enterprises, as well as public sector organisations that are seeking to add value to their consumers by offering highly reliable compliance, data privacy and monetisation options for their data.

Macrocomm is a level one B-BBEE organisation that develops and deploys innovative turnkey solutions across South Africa and the continent. The core business focuses on offering smart IOT solutions for smart city management, smart industry and energy management solutions. Macrocomm is also an accredited reseller of mobile, data, networking and infrastructure-related products, either as standalone offerings or as part of its IOT portfolio.

Sivi Moodley, Group CEO at Macrocomm.
Sivi Moodley, Group CEO at Macrocomm.

Sivi Moodley, Group CEO at Macrocomm, says: “Our aim is to help organisations address critical technological challenges that developed when the country implemented the protection of consumers' personal information in 2020.”

In South Africa, where privacy leaks have led to high numbers of identity theft and even other crimes, protecting privacy is becoming vital. The ability to place control of data back into the rightful owners' hands is the main reason that Macrocomm has selected ODE and will bundle the app into their offering to their large enterprise customers.

"It is clear that South African citizens will benefit tremendously from the solution as privacy protection is crucial in our developing economy. Right now, people live under the illusion of privacy, when in fact everything you do in the digital world is being monitored for commercial gain. The deployment of the solution will help with the adoption of digital and IOT solutions to deal with the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing confidence to consumers that their personal data is protected. We want to give the consumers control of what they share and then get paid for sharing it. ODE makes good sense to us," explains Moodley.

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