Infocare automates software quality with Inspired Testing

Johannesburg, 15 Feb 2021
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Infocare has completed a major project with global software testing and software quality assurance company Inspired Testing to automate the testing and improve the quality of its software portal and Web-based front-end systems.

Ireland-based Infocare develops innovative cloud-based clinical documentation solutions at the point of care in an interoperability environment. The company’s flagship patient clinical record solution, Soteria, promotes quality healthcare and patient safety through technology that standardises the processes of care and to ensure that accurate, up-to-date, reliable information is available to clinicians where and when they need it most.

Testing such a robust and ever-evolving system is fraught with challenges, which is why Infocare turned to Inspired Testing for expert advice and support.

Prior to consulting Inspired Testing, Infocare had amassed more than 500 test cases for the Web front-end portal that their developers and system engineers needed to accelerate the automation of the system.

This was time-consuming and costly, and potentially delayed the implementation of new functionality on Soteria since compromising the quality of such a critical system was not an option.

For Inspired Testing, the challenge was gaining access to Infocare’s existing UI automation framework, Selenium, and also having to estimate how complex the test cases would be, having only been given limited access to the framework and a small subset of 10 test cases to work with.

One of the issues encountered almost as soon as the project began was the lack of available test data. While this is not unusual, it was a time-consuming process for Inspired Testing to work with the Infocare test team to write APIs that generated usable data for Infocare’s test cases.

Having mitigated the risks ahead of time, and working closely with the Infocare team to free as much time for the testing engineers as possible and despite the challenging conditions, delays and initial lack of manpower, Inspired Testing managed to complete 229 test case automations for Infocare in the space of three months. This means future testing will be sped up considerably, especially Automated Regression Testing on Soteria builds as new features are added to the system.

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