EOH/iOCO announces Proofpoint partnership

Johannesburg, 25 May 2020
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Johannesburg – iOCO is proud to announce a new partnership with with leading cloud-based, people-centric security solutions provider Proofpoint.

Proofpoint's security posture focuses on the people component of the cyber security risk framework. This is performed by means of an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions to stop targeted threats, safeguard data and make users more resilient against cyber attacks.

More than half of Fortune 1000 companies currently rely on Proofpoint to mitigate their most critical risks across e-mail, the cloud, social media and the Web. iOCO is excited to bring this level of confidence to South African shores.

With this partnership, iOCO can now propose this enterprise solution portfolio to its client base, enabling its clients to focus on protecting their most important asset, their people, from today’s malware and non-malware-based threats, from business e-mail compromise, account compromise attacks as well as compliance violations and insider threat management. This addition to iOCO's family of premier global OEM partners enhances its current security portfolio, which includes application, data and user behavioural solutions.

Established to simplify ICT, integrate client offerings, drive governance imperatives and align service delivery, iOCO offers modern solutions that meet the demands of the cloud economy and the fourth industrial revolution. With over 20 years’ experience in ICT solutions, iOCO understands the importance of adaptation to deliver tomorrow’s solutions, today.

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