Attack vectors change - is SA ready?

International information security experts set to challenge local information security professionals in a simulated attack.

Johannesburg, 26 Apr 2013
Security Summit 2013 Press Office
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Cyber attack vectors have changed dramatically, report the experts. To test South African information security professionals' ability to defend their organisations, international experts Dan Crisp, Acting Chief Information Security Officer: Information Risk Management at BNY Mellon, and Lynn Terwoerds, founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance, will stage a one-day workshop where professionals will test their ability to meet new forms of cyber attack.

Delegates will be challenged to respond to a major security incident and mobilise their organisations to respond effectively.

They will discover the anatomy of an attack and be guided through techniques for detective, preventative and reactive security controls.

Delegates will discover:

* How attack vectors have changed;
* The anatomy of an attack; and
* The impact of co-ordinated detective, preventative and proactive controls.

For more information about this workshop, click here.

The 8th annual ITWeb Security Summit will be held from 7 to 9 May 2013, at the Sandton Convention Centre. The gathering creates an opportunity for senior security professionals and business decision-makers to learn about new strategies and tactics, and hear insight and comment from leading international and local subject-matter experts.

With expert insights, interactive workshops, an expo, valuable networking, sought-after SANS training, and practical solutions, this is a must-attend event for every IT professional with a security mandate. For further information, visit

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