Mobile HR the way to go

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Sage Pastel Payroll & HR has taken its Self Service HR Web-based tool a step further by making it a mobile application.

The firm first offered a hosted, Web-based tool enabling employees to manage and maintain their own information online, but due to mobility taking over globally, Sage Pastel Payroll & HR kept up with the technology change by taking the Self Service functionality and making it a mobile application.

The application enables employees to apply for leave, submit travel claims and update their personal details online or via their smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

Philip Meyer, technology director at Sage Pastel Payroll & HR, says the importance of applying mobile technology cannot be overestimated.

"The mobile application eases the pressure on HR departments, allowing them more time to concentrate on important areas, such as staff wellness, efficiency and training, instead of wasting hours on capturing leave forms, dealing with HR data-related queries or distributing payslips.

"It also makes services more accessible to sales and services employees who are frequently out of the office visiting clients," notes Meyer.

For payroll administrators and business owners, there is no manual capturing of the employees' request forms. Once approved on the smartphone, the desktop payroll software is updated automatically.

"The application is unique in that it is the first mobile payroll application developed by a South African company enabling employees to apply for leave, submit travel claims and update personal details anywhere, anytime," explains Meyer.

"Seeing that more people in South Africa have Internet access from their smartphones and other mobile devices, we first developed an Android application because it is highly popular globally and was clearly the most logical deployment."

Meyer says the mobile application is available in a mobi site environment, and applications for iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones and Windows Mobile are now being developed.

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