Deduplication crucial for fast recovery

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Data growth, budget pressures, the infrastructural shift from physical to virtual systems, as well as numerous discovery and compliance regulation issues are some of the challenges that CIOs are currently facing in the backup and recovery space.

So said BJ Jenkins, president of EMC's Backup Recovery Systems Division, who spoke at EMC World, in Las Vegas, this week.

Current trends in the backup and recovery space, as highlighted by Jenkins, include disk replacing tape, and the need to recover faster. According to Jenkins, while tape is predicted to be a reality for a long time to come, eliminating tape is part of EMC's mission.

Jenkins added that IT departments are measured on how fast they are able to recover from disasters.

“If [an IT department] has an outage, if they lose a piece of data, if something happens in their systems, how that IT department will be measured is not if they backed up, it's how fast they recover,” explained Jenkins.

According to Jenkins, deduplication, or intelligent compression that eliminates redundant data, helps IT departments optimise their backup environments, reduce costs and recover faster.

Backup, recovery and cloud

Jenkins said EMC does not see cloud as a threat to its Backup Recovery Systems Division. Instead, he argued that the division has a strong position within the cloud.

He added that EMC has many service provider partners that base their backup as a service offerings on EMC backup recovery systems, either Avamar or Data Domain. He added that EMC will continue to offer protection for data backed up in the cloud.

“We feel that wherever data is at rest, it needs to be protected,” said Jenkins.

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