Cyberoam unveils future-ready security tools

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Network security appliances vendor, Cyberoam has unveiled the NG Series appliances for future-ready security in IT networks.

The vendor claims the NG Series appliances offer up to five times the industry average throughputs for SOHO/SMEs, making them the "fastest UTM appliances" in this segment.

It adds that the NG Series enables SOHO/SME networks to become future-ready as they move towards gigabit network infrastructure and high Internet speeds.

However, Cyberoam says, these businesses' network security is not ready for such trends as no vendor today offers them security throughputs or gigabit ports required for such networks. This results in security becoming a bottleneck for the SOHO/SME networks, it points out.

"Today, SOHO/SMEs are unable to fully migrate to gigabit-ready network infrastructure because of lack of security solutions with gigabit performance in this segment, says Abhilash Sonwane, senior VP for product management at Cyberoam.

"To cope, they either have to compromise on security or need to expand their security budgets to buy enterprise-level security. Cyberoam NG Series for SOHO/SME meets these needs by offering the best-in-class firewall and UTM throughputs along with gigabit ports. In fact, the entry-level appliance in the NG Series comes with gigabit firewall throughput."

The vendor also explains that the NG Series appliances come preloaded with CyberoamOS - which it claims is the most intelligent and powerful Cyberoam firmware to date.

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