EOH takes science of CX to new levels

EOH Coastal has developed an impressive customer experience offering.

Michelle Badenhorst: The Head of CX at EOH Coastal.
Michelle Badenhorst: The Head of CX at EOH Coastal.

In recent years, customer experience (CX) has evolved from a complementary focus to a core strategic business imperative, requiring analytical prowess underpinned by high-level business and process improvement skills. As Africa's largest technology service provider - EOH Coastal is making greater use of its CX offering to better understand target markets and ultimately deliver the best possible products and services to them.

EOH Coastal realises that the customer is at the forefront of any successful business because it is ultimately customers who determine success or failure. The Head of CX at EOH Coastal, Michelle Badenhorst, says: "We assess the organisation and start with an outside-in approach to inform operational strategies that deliver superlative CX. Our business strategies grow organically from the insights that we get from our customers, so we inform and revisit our existing strategies and change them if necessary."

Badenhorst elaborates: "Customer Experience at EOH Coastal merges outside-in and inside-out customer and business needs seamlessly, to ensure that CX delivers and operations are able to support customer needs efficiently."

Advanced data analysis plays a key role in determining CX strategy, says Badenhorst. CX designer's analyse company data thoroughly to aid in creating the most accurate profiles of clients to cater to their specific needs.

A big part of working in customer experience management is the ability to think proactively, Badenhorst adds. "If you walk through the journey of the customer, you can pre-empt challenges and start removing them, you can create a CX roadmap and start innovating, optimising and building in so-called 'wow factors' that allow your company to exceed customer expectations."

Effective CX extends across all touch points - from physical interactions through to contact centre engagement, Web experience and mobile interactions. EOH Coastal's CX offering integrates all touch points into its CX mapping, bringing in an enhanced focus on mobile, which is fast becoming the consumer's new touch point of choice.

Effective customer experience ultimately aims to get customers to advocate for the brands that they use. The EOH Coastal CX offering helps companies optimise physical, digital and mobile experiences to provide one cohesive great experience, regardless of the channel or combination of channels used. CX also offers training workshops where businesses are taught methods for optimising CX within the organisation, such as creating behaviour maps in order to better understand their customers.

Additional Info on the EOH CX Unit:

* Research began: January 2017.
* Official launch: August 2017.
* Current clients: Insurance, banking, telecommunications, and automobile industries.
* Two team members in collaboration with business analysis, User Experience (UX), and business architect capabilities.



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