Q-KON partners with Startel to engage Angola

Hendrik Bezuidenhout, Managing Executive of Q-KON.
Hendrik Bezuidenhout, Managing Executive of Q-KON.

Q-KON, a focused provider of satellite and wireless access network solutions to niche markets in Africa, has announced a partnership with Angola's Startel SA (Startel).

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been reached between the two companies and is based on wholesale access to Q-KON's StarLight offering.

Q-KON is a South African services provider that has the resources and expertise to empower regional partners to meet the needs of their respective markets and help maximise their presence.

Startel is an established and fully licensed Angolan telecommunications network operator servicing the Angola market. The company operates various satellite and WiMax access networks and wishes to expand its access network product portfolio.

Both companies have agreed to collaborate with regards to the provisioning, implementation and operation of a satellite broadband access platform.

Q-KON will supply Startel with access to StarLight, an end-to-end, two-way IP access service for broadband access and data communication. The service includes 1st tier Internet access, satellite uplink teleport and satellite communication bandwidth.

Startel will brand the service as Starnet, a natural addition to the company's portfolio, inclusive of Netbu'e Internet access and Falabu'e voice services.

"This agreement falls in line with our strategy to enhance connectivity in Angola, an expanding ICT and telecommunications market. We are pleased to have established this agreement with Q-KON, a successful South African company that has the experience and expertise to add immediate value to our endeavours," says Carlos Brito, Managing Director at Startel.

"The incorporation of StarLight into our offering offers our customer base choice and access to a wider range of technology," Brito continues.

Executive management at Q-KON believes the agreement goes a long way to furthering its collaboration in Angola and with the rest of Africa.

Hendrik Bezuidenhout, Managing Executive of Q-KON, believes there has been a general shift in focus within the technology services and solutions market from 'international' to 'Africa', with the current focus on 'Africa for Africa'.

This partnership strengthens the company's broad-based connectivity strategy for the continent, he says.

The role of satellite infrastructure in helping to address access to the Internet and enhancement of broadband services in key regions such as Angola cannot be of more importance, with a strong impact in the local communities.

"Satellite has always been the de facto option to provide ubiquitous services in Africa and particularly in rural areas - and this remains unchanged. What is changing is the market awareness that satellite is not only a high-end solution and that business and SOHO services can be provided at competitive rates through services such as StarLight," he adds.


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Q-KON is a 1st tier satellite network provider, turnkey telecommunications solution provider and the distributor of the NET and Xiplink product ranges.

For more than 20 years, Q-KON has followed successful strategies to establish advanced technologies in challenging environments and to unlock real business benefits for its customers and partners. Effectively integrating its commanding capability in niche, wireless and satellite technologies with an intuitive understanding and appreciation of the African market, Q-KON has conquered many business impossibilities.

Since its inception, Q-KON has distinguished itself in providing solutions and services supported by long-term relationships and continued value add. Today, Q-KON can proudly look back at 24 years' of engineering achievements throughout Africa underwritten by sound business practices and long-term ethical relationships. Q-KON serves the South African market through Q-KON SA, a subsidiary based in Gauteng, and the rest-of-Africa market through its Q-KON Africa subsidiary.

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