Off-site back-up collaboration to benefit QuickBooks users

Johannesburg, 30 Aug 2016
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QuickBooks is proud to announce the newest addition to the QuickBooks stable - a collaboration with Gabsten Technologies to offer QuickBooks users the security of knowing that their data is safely backed up at all times with CloudProtect. Like QuickBooks, Gabsten Technologies' primary focus is to empower their customers to make the best decisions and therefore offers end-to-end data management solutions, so as to assist them to meet all their data management needs, from cloud storage to on-site backups and hybrid capabilities.

Together with QuickBooks, Gabsten Technologies' CloudProtect offering will be able to provide clients with the necessary resources to reduce their data management costs by employing reliable and cost effective backup, disaster recovery, archiving, file analysis, replication and data search solutions. The great news about the backup product is that it is not only for your accounting needs, but for all of the important data on your machine, from e-mail to contacts and those prized family photographs.

The CloudProtect services offered by QuickBooks and Gabsten will ensure that your backups run in a seamless and effective manner. Backup is the activity of copying data, be they files or databases, in case the original is lost or damaged. Backup has become a routine part of operation for large businesses, as well as by the administrators of smaller business computers and is not a nice-to-have, but an essential tool in today's technological times of online security concerns and cyber crime.

Another feature of CloudProtect, now offered by QuickBooks and Gabsten, is data archiving, a service offered for when your data requires long-term retention. For many clients, certain data might not be in use, however, it may need to be accessed and so it has to be stored for future reference. Archiving is typically used where data needs to be stored for compliance purposes. Replication, another feature of CloudProtect, involves sharing information so as to ensure that you have additional copies of your data stored for when your primary data is destroyed. Data replication is ideal for multi-site workload distribution and continuous availability.

Everyone's worst nightmare is losing all of their data, which is why disaster recovery is critical. This is the process organisations follow in order to recover access to their software and data that is needed for the organisation to perform normal, critical business functions after a disaster. Knowing that QuickBooks and Gabsten Technologies CloudProtect solution have this covered, will go a long way to alleviating the stresses that come with running a business.

In true QuickBooks style, the new world of EasyBiz QuickBooks Backup is quick to learn and quick to use and offers true peace of mind that data is safe and secure. Said Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBooks, "Our partnership with Gabsten is an exciting one for QuickBooks and our valued clients. We are constantly striving to find the best, easiest and most affordable ways to ensure a seamless and positive QuickBooks user-experience and data management is no exception. We are confident that this revolutionary back-up system will only enhance our offering."

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