Avaya to invest in South Africa

Avaya plans to build skills sets in SA and then extend it to the rest of Africa, says its MD, Danny Drew.

Avaya, a business communications software, systems and services company, plans to drive digital transformation strategies and deliver growth in SA by opening a customer experience centre and increasing its workforce.

So said Danny Drew, MD at Avaya South Africa, speaking to ITWeb at the Avaya conference yesterday in Johannesburg.

"We are recruiting extra staff and investing into people in SA - increasing our force by 10% in the next month and by the end of our financial year (October) - we would like to expand it to 40%."

Avaya South Africa currently employees 30 people.

Drew also says the company is looking to invest in a new office space and with that Avaya will open a customer experience centre. The centre will be used to demonstrate the capabilities and solutions for Avaya which has moved from being a hardware provider to a software provider, he explained.

The centre will be used to demonstrate the capabilities and solutions for Avaya to organisations in South Africa and Africa, said Drew.

"We are promoting SA within the rest of Africa, we want SA to be primary main office for Avaya in Africa - build skills sets here and extend it to the rest of Africa."

In addition, in the next 12 months the company is also looking to start an internship programme for postgraduate students in SA.

"The objective for the next financial year is to have two or three postgraduates come into Avaya and learn business and technology from an Avaya perspective."

There are opportunities here in SA, and people are progressive in how they use their technology, said Drew.

As public and private-sector organisations in South Africa press ahead with their digital transformation strategies, Avaya is bringing customised solutions that accelerate the journey towards the digital world, he added.

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