Nihilent announces technology partnership with Brightleaf Solutions

Will help Brightleaf develop next-generation semantic intelligence engine.

Johannesburg, 04 May 2015
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Johannesburg-based global consulting and solutions integration provider Nihilent today announced its agreement to partner with Massachusetts-headquartered Brightleaf Solutions in developing Brightleaf's new, advanced platform for legal document abstraction.

With 1 500 employees worldwide, Nihilent has deep expertise in data analytics and natural language processing, and is uniquely positioned to co-develop Brightleaf's solution.

Nihilent has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 and is benchmarked at CMMI DEV L5, with an in-house team of Sigma Black belts, Lean specialists, and High Maturity Level Appraisers. The company operates in a wide range of business verticals, including BFSI, supply chain and logistics, mobile computing and telecommunications, media and entertainment, government and state-run enterprises, technology and related services, healthcare, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

"Brightleaf complements our other relationships in US-based technology start-ups, particularly in the areas of analytics and business intelligence," stated Minoo Dastur, President and COO of Nihilent. "They have identified an emerging source of important business data, legal documents, that allows enterprise clients to better understand their constituents: customers, vendors, and partners. Delivering valuable insights is a core component of Nihilent's services."

According to Samir Bhatia, CEO of Brightleaf Solutions: "We're thrilled to be a Nihilent partner company. Together, we've defined the architecture for Brightleaf's new automated abstraction platform. The development team has been assembled, and it includes some very high-level, senior Nihilent architects and technical staff. We are planning delivery for Q1 2015."

Nihilent is one of the leading companies offering solutions that aid data-driven decision-making. In legal document abstraction, accessing the commercial terms, legal provisions, and obligations across thousands of legal contracts yield important information about a corporation's operations. Brightleaf uses advanced semantic intelligence software to analyse many thousands of disparate, text-based contract files to abstract and distil all the key attributes into an easily searchable, structured database.


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Big data, business intelligence (BI), and data-driven decisions are having a profound effect on US business operations, looking to become a $143 billion market in 2016. Brightleaf's vision is to accelerate this adoption with technology that overcomes the challenge of mining important information from unstructured, text-based documents and making it accessible.

With an initial focus on executed legal contracts, Brightleaf opens new doors for companies to manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance, meet customer obligations, and get meaningful insight into their customer, partner, and vendor behaviour.

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