Open source boosts cloud computing

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Open source boosts cloud computing

Open source software is driving innovation in cloud computing, mobile apps and big data, CloudPro reports.

This is according to the Future of Open Source Survey, which found that 40% of significant technology innovations from new projects in open source are cloud-based. Another 19% were in mobile apps with 15% devoted to mobile enterprise.

There were 10 000 new mobile open source projects started in 2011, up from 4 000 in 2010, according to the survey, compiled by Black Duck Software, CIO Insight states.

As further evidence of the increasing adoption of open source software, the survey revealed that 32% of respondents say that at least 75% of the computer code used in their organisations is open source code.

The results indicate that more than 50% of software acquired in the next five years will be open source and that healthcare, automotive and government will drive high growth, ZDNet says.

Nearly 50% of surveyed respondents identify data management as the segment to be most affected by open source in the coming year, and roughly half also pointed to project maturity as the most significant factor considered when selecting open source.

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