Co-innovation showcased at COIL launch

Johannesburg, 28 Oct 2016
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With the launch of Africa's first SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL), South African businesses have a platform on which to build unique and innovative technology solutions. Designed to facilitate project-based co-innovation with SAP's partner ecosystem, the Lab offers access to a worldwide network of expertise and best-in-class technologies and platforms.

COIL's unveiling saw the exhibition of the power of co-innovation in solutions like the infrastructure asset management platform co-innovated by EOH SAP Solutions and EOH divisional entity IMQS. This engineering solution, created for engineers, allows municipalities to manage their infrastructure digitally in real time.

The system not only allows for data about infrastructure to be accessed and integrated in real time, it allows for a holistic view that is graphically represented in an integrated asset management, GIS-based system.

EOH SAP Solutions welcomes the opening of COIL, which promises to be the foundation of many industry-changing local innovations like the infrastructure asset management platform.

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