Nihilent acquires BI, analytics specialist company, renames as Nihilent Analytics

Johannesburg, 08 Nov 2016
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Global consulting and solutions integration company Nihilent Technologies (Nihilent) has successfully completed the required procedures related to the acquisition of ICRA Techno Analytics, an India-based data analytics, BPM and process engineering specialist services company (the acquisition). The acquired company is now renamed as Nihilent Analytics.

The acquisition, which was first announced in the month of August 2016, complements the Nihilent Group's digital transformation endeavours, by bringing in strong IP-backed expertise in data science, BI, machine learning, among others.

LC Singh, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Nihilent, which has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, said: "The name Nihilent Analytics seeks to address our emphasis on data analytics and machine learning, which, we believe, is the future of enterprise transformation."

Minoo Dastur, President and COO of Nihilent, added: "The Nihilent Group is now equipped with a wide range of delivery capabilities, from enterprise IT services like application development, testing and package implementation to digital and enterprise transformation, including analytics, BI, cloud, mobility and social."

Prateep Kumar Guha, CEO of Nihilent Analytics, said: "We are excited to be a part of the Nihilent Group, and confident that this integration will open up avenues through expanded geographical reach."

Nihilent has also acquired full ownership of other entities of erstwhile ICTEAS, like ICRA Sapphire and BPA Technologies, in the acquisition.


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