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IT Central Station ranks CA Technologies in the top application security solutions of Q1 2017 based on real user reviews

Johannesburg, 17 May 2017
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CA Southern Africa has revealed that IT Central Station has ranked CA Technologies as one of the leading application security vendors of Q1*, based on peer reviews from real users in the IT Central Station community.

IT Central Station**, the leading product review site for enterprise technology, announced the top application security vendors of Q1 2017. During the past year over two million professionals, including 96% of the Fortune 100, have used IT Central Station's crowdsourced reviews in their technology buying process.

All reviews are validated through IT Central Station's triple authentication process. IT Central Station's reviews are known for their depth and quality, with an average of 420 words per review.

The IT Central Station ranking is a composite score that includes average rating, number of reviews, and a buyer intent index including number of views, comparisons and follows by IT Central Station visitors. IT Central Station ranking factors and calculations are fully transparent and can be found below the rankings on
IT Central Station calculates which solutions are trending higher or lower based on activity from IT Central Station visitors and reviewers.

CA Southern Africa, security solution strategist, Sagan Pillay, says this is an important milestone. "There can be no better endorsement than those from users who have used the CA security solutions and derived real benefit from the products. This is always a powerful testimonial to the quality of these solutions."


CA Southern Africa

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