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Sync's client base continues to grow with implementations in SA and abroad

Johannesburg, 24 Oct 2016
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Apparel ERP software system, Sync, has continued to grow steadily during 2016 with new clients in South Africa, Australia, Fiji, the US and most recently, Mauritius.

The iSyncSolutions implementation and training team headed out to Mauritius recently to install Sync at Tamak Group, adding another country to Sync's growing client list. Tamak Group includes Citadel, a 100% Mauritian brand, and Bata footwear, which was taken over by Tamak in 2010.

While things are heating up internationally, there continues to be a large focus on the highly valued SA client base, which has grown steadily in 2016. In August, Sync's locally based clients were invited to the SA Head Office in Umhlanga Ridge to hear from CEO Peter Booysen, who is currently living in Orange County California to expand international business. Booysen highlighted some of the differences between the apparel industry in the US vs SA and how the company has been able to use this information to further enhance and improve the Sync system.

Being a system that is constantly improving and developing to stay ahead of the game, he also pointed out some of the most recent changes and additions to the system that will benefit existing and future clients. Some of these changes include quick costing, critical path regional tasks, bulk picking (enabling users to create a wave of pick tickets for multiple orders in a single step), Tech Pack image editor and much more. Booysen also highlighted some of the planned developments for the coming months.

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