White paper: The Xerox Versant Family of presses

Johannesburg, 29 Jul 2020
Read time 1min 10sec

The Versant 180 Press and the Versant 3100 Press are the latest models in the Xerox Versant Family of four-colour, cut-sheet production presses. These state-of-the-art digital printing systems provide two excellent options for meeting your company’s production requirements. Which press is best suited to your near-term business objectives and future plans? We know that a digital press is a large investment and you want to make the right decision – a decision that delivers the best results to your business and your bottom line.

As you know, deciding on the right press is not easy. There are many products available and they all claim to meet your needs. In addition, the industry has many options, each with an overabundance of product information, cryptic technical descriptions and confusing terms. It’s a lot to wade through.

To help you appreciate the features of the Versant Family and understand the key differences between the Versant 180 and the Versant 3100, this paper summarises the essential technical facts that can make a difference to your operation. Armed with these facts, you’ll be better able to choose the system that works best for you.

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