Audi intros online quotation tool for freeway plan extension

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Audi SA has introduced an online calculator on its Web site, allowing customers to get an immediate cost estimate when wanting to extend their Audi Freeway Plan (AFP) vehicle cover.

The AFP, Audi’s service plan, is standard on all Audis and covers the first five years of the vehicle’s lifespan, according to the car manufacturer.

The online calculator allows consumers to input their current vehicle details and select a desired service and/or maintenance cover option according to time or mileage perimeters.

The online system will then generate a cost estimate to the AFP extension request in an effort to guide the customer’s purchase consideration without the need to visit or call an Audi dealership.

Extending the plan online, according to Audi, gives vehicle owners immediate coverage, with no waiting time or period of uncertainty. It is designed to cover scheduled services and maintenance for up to 10 years or 300 000km.

“This simple digital tool is an Audi service innovation that will hopefully provide value in the consumer’s research and purchase planning around their vehicle’s service and maintenance needs,” says Hassan Salie, head of Audi After-Sales.

“It offers convenience and simplicity, and is another way for us to enhance the Audi customer experience.”

In recent months, SA’s automakers have been forced to turn to technology, to digitise their operations and customer services, as the COVID-19 pandemic throws the automotive industry into uncertainty.

Devastated by the crisis from manufacturing, selling and servicing perspectives, local automakers Toyota, BMW, Audi, Nissan and Volkswagen last month told ITWeb the lockdown forced them to strengthen their digital transformation initiatives and introduce contingency plans to enable operational efficiency across their dealerships.

Audi’s new calculator comes a few months after it introduced the Audi Explanatory Videos, targeted at anyone looking to familiarise themselves with the various features of an Audi and for potential vehicle buyers to explore new technologies in the comfort of their homes.

The vehicle manufacturer says it will also introduce Audi Connect, an intelligent connectivity and communication solution that will be built into upcoming Audi vehicles to provide connectivity and customer engagement services.

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