eLearningCurve offers data science learning courses

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Online education company eLearningCurve has introduced a data science certification programme targeted at data science professionals.

A partner of data management firm Master Data Management, eLearningCurve provides online education and industry certification in various information management disciplines. The company says it has over 3 000 students and organisations from more than 70 countries around the world.

The new data science courses cover the fundamentals of data science, to more advanced topics, along with a certification programme that builds upon education to certify knowledge and understanding of data science topics.

Its catalogue of data management courses includes Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP)-certified in a number of disciplines, ranging from business intelligence to master data management, according to the e-learning company.

eLearningCurve joins a number of local learning institutions which offer data science training courses. These include Pearson South Africa, Simplilearn, The Knowledge Academy, Explore Data Science Academy, Shoprite Data Science Academy and various higher learning institutions.

Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management, says the eLearningCurve curriculum for data science is designed to provide a foundation of fundamental concepts and cover the diverse needs of data science professionals.

"The severe shortage of data science skills worldwide means institutions must look internally to grow skills. The CIMP data science curriculum is a well-tested avenue to fill the gaps between data science hiring and staffing that are the norm today," notes Allemann.

As a field that harnesses many disciplines, data science has surged to the forefront of the data ecosystem, helping businesses create predictive models, cutting-edge technologies and personalised customer experiences.

As the demand for data scientists within the business and research fields grows, SA is under immense pressure to address this skills gap. Globally, the shortfall for data scientists is projected to be between five million and 10 million.

eLearningCurve says data science certification has become a vital tool for job-seekers and for employers seeking to hire the most qualified people in the data science field.

eLearningCurve’s data science curriculum includes: Data Science Fundamentals, Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, Framing and Planning Data Science Projects, Data Understanding and Preparation for Data Science, Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, Hadoop Fundamentals, Putting the Science in Data Science, Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control, Prescriptive Analytics Using Simulation Models, Data Mining in R andIntroduction to NoSQL.

For the true experts and standard bearers in the industry, eLearningCurve says it offers the second level of CIMP certification: CIMP Ex. To earn the CIMP Ex designation, participants must demonstrate a combination of great expertise, experience and excellence.

The company says additional courses are in development and will be added over the course of this year.

Prices for the data science courses range from $305 (R5 289) to $2 695 (R46 736).

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