DNSSense, Maxtec join forces to deliver advanced DNS security solutions in Africa

Johannesburg, 02 Jun 2023

DNSSense, which positions itself as a leading provider of DNS security and visibility technologies, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Maxtec, a renowned distributor of market-leading data security technologies across Africa. This collaboration brings together Maxtec's three decades of expertise in cyber security distribution and managed services with DNSSense's cutting-edge technology, reinforcing security infrastructure for businesses throughout the continent, the companies say.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, robust security solutions are essential, especially when it comes to critical elements such as DNS traffic. Enterprises are actively seeking more sophisticated tools to protect their digital assets and data, and the partnership between Maxtec and DNSSense ensures the availability and accessibility of comprehensive DNS security solutions in the regions served by Maxtec.

"We are excited to welcome DNSSense's advanced technology and real-time threat analysis to our portfolio, empowering businesses to safeguard their DNS traffic and protect their critical assets," said Praven Pillay, Managing Director at Maxtec.

Maxtec, a cyber security-focused company operating since 1988, has consistently enhanced its offerings to provide best-in-class solutions to its IT partners. By incorporating DNSSense's DNS Security into their distribution stack, Maxtec reinforces its commitment to data security and strengthens its capabilities in protecting customer data.

"We are thrilled to include DNSSense in our stack, empowering our channel partners to offer enhanced internet security solutions for their clients' peace of mind," added Christine Nel, Commercial Director at Maxtec.

Hüseyin Erdal, Head of Sales at DNSSense, emphasised the importance of a comprehensive cyber security strategy in an evolving threat landscape. "Today's new-generation network security tools promise to meet the distinct needs of organisations with all-in-one offers. However, as cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, relying solely on inclusive controls may lead to gaps in security. DNSSense does not aim to replace existing security products; instead, we help corporate networks increase their cyber defence maturity. By implementing measures within the DNS protocol, in conjunction with existing security products, organisations can build a 100% more mature cyber security strategy."

Through this partnership, DNSSense and Maxtec aspire to deliver comprehensive DNS Security solutions that ensure business continuity and data security in a world where cyber threats are increasingly common and complex.


Capitalising on its inherit advantages, DNSSense endows cyber security with the true potential of the DNS protocol. Granting AI into its customers' armoury, DNSSense researches and develops plug-and-play solutions that address threats at the DNS layer. Complementing the security teams' efforts through seamless integrations, DNSSense enhances corporate cyber defence maturity and posture by bridging gaps. Trusted by over 10 000 companies across 74 countries, DNSSense is leading the global DNS security market as the number one choice for blue-chip companies and large


Maxtec is a renowned distributor of market-leading data security technologies, empowering businesses with innovative solutions since 1988. With a dedicated focus on cybersecurity, Maxtec is committed to providing the highest level of data protection. For more information, visit

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