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New open source router targets developers

Johannesburg, 11 Mar 2010
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Duxbury Networking has released a new high performance open source router targeted at Linux/Unix and other open source platform application developers. The Netgear Wireless G router features a Broadcom 5354 System-on-a-chip running at 240MHz with 4Mb flash memory and 16Mb of RAM.

Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking, says the router will assist users to develop custom applications on the affordable open source platform.

“To help facilitate this, Duxbury Networking will make Netgear's comprehensive Open Source User Guide available to bona fide developers. There is also an open source community Web site with forums, blogs and downloads at,” he says.

In addition, open source firmware, including DD-WRT, OpenWRT and Tomato, is available for download at this site.

Aside from being a high performance open source router, the WNR3500L also employs a new feature from NETGEAR called ReadyShare. This feature allows you to easily share a USB drive (which you connect to the router directly) across your network or over the Internet.

“Sputnik-Powered firmware can be used to create a remotely managed WiFi hotspot by simply plugging it into broadband, and signing up for the SputnikNet service,” notes Robb.

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