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What a Web site can do for your small business in 2021

Johannesburg, 29 Jan 2021
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Did you know that six in every 10 small businesses do not have a Web site? This statistic is particularly interesting if you consider that before making a purchase, 49% of consumers who have Internet access want to visit a company’s Web site.

Not having a Web site in 2021, irrespective of the size of your business, is essentially like saying: “No thanks, we’ve got enough business.” In the current economic climate, it is hard to believe that any company can afford not to be online.

Reasons to get your small business online

1. Gain credibility for your brand

Consumers are looking to do business with companies they can trust. A professional Web site will contribute to your brand’s credibility and help build this trust. Your Web site can highlight testimonials, awards and any information that can help boost you and your business’s credibility.

2. Attract new customers

In today’s competitive markets, a steady stream of new and returning customers makes for a successful business model. Where do new customers come from? Walk-ins are great, referrals are better; however, a targeted audience looking for something you do is the best. Why? Because this way you will be able to ‘cast your net’ across a wider network of unlimited potential customers.

3. Convert visitors into customers

While you are in a meeting, or busy closing a deal, your Web site can be on duty showcasing your products and services. A Web site is your most overworked sales agent, always-on and ready to ‘sweet talk’ visitors into becoming customers.

4. Save time

How much time are you and your staff spending on responding to basic e-mails asking questions about your services/products? Just imagine how you could spend that time instead... An informative Web site with a downloadable PDF brochure and price list, and even an e-commerce plugin, could free up a lot of your admin time.

Need a Web site but can’t afford an expertly designed one? Build your own!

There will come a time when you have the budget to make that appointment with a Web developer. But in the meanwhile, you still need a professional looking Web site.

Site Builder is’s professional website builder that makes use of hundreds of professionally designed templates, an effortless drag and drop functionality and various plugins to help customers create well designed Web sites. Each package includes a domain name*, e-mail addresses and monthly Web hosting.

Click here to try the Site Builder live demo now. is a South African domains and Web site hosting provider. Our range of value-added business solutions like our Site Builder, SSL Certificates and Anti-Virus software packages are ideally suited to start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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