Accenture, NCPD link up on digital transformation drive

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Global professional services firm Accenture has partnered with the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), to assist the non-profit organisation to broaden its digital transformation, which will help streamline services.

According to the NCPD, the implementation of the rights of disabled persons has in many cases not been as fast as anticipated and it hopes digitalisation will assist.

“Fortunately, a few organisations such as Accenture have been leading in this regard. Accenture acknowledges the rights of people with disabilities and are a beacon of hope for us in the business world. By partnering with NCPD, Accenture helps to ensure that persons with disabilities are respected and included in the mainstream commercial world,” states André Kalis, specialist: advocacy, policy and children’s matters at the NCPD.

Accenture says a focus on disability inclusion means the company welcomes people with different abilities and knows that talent comes from diverse people from different backgrounds.

“Accenture believes each person, whether they have visible or invisible disabilities, has unique skills, talents and strengths to contribute and thrive in the workplace,” says Khethiwe Nkuna, corporate citizenship and inclusion and diversity lead of Accenture in Africa.

According to a recent Accenture study, companies that embrace disability inclusion are better positioned to tap into a new talent pool of more than 10.7 million people, which it says represents a significant opportunity to strengthen businesses and economies, not only in South Africa but across the world.

The study states employees with disabilities offer tangible benefits, including increased innovation, improved productivity and a better work environment.

“Persons with disabilities have to be creative to adapt to the world around them. As such, they develop strengths such as problem-solving skills, agility, persistence, forethought and a willingness to experiment – all of which are essential for innovation. This means that having employees with disabilities across departments helps ensure the products and services that go to market are truly inclusive, Accenture’s study shows,” says Nkuna.

“Businesses that hire persons with disabilities and foster inclusive cultures report bottom line benefits that show proven ROI. Accenture has a network of more than 36 000 persons with disabilities in 52 countries, bringing its people, supporters and friends together regularly for networking, collaborating and mentoring.”

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