Enghouse Interactive launches the first contact centre solution linked to WhatsApp

Presence Social Interactions enables communication with customers through the world's main digital channels and social media, lowering costs and improving the use of resources.

Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2019
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Enghouse Interactive announces the availability of its Presence Social Interactions solution, focused on automating customer experience on digital channels and social media by using bots programmed with artificial intelligence. This module allows users to self-serve their simple requirements without live agents and, if necessary, escalate the interaction to the most qualified one.

Presence Social Interactions is the first contact centre solution officially connected with WhatsApp. It is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram, offering automatic assistance 24/7 through self-service bots. Likewise, when the conversation is transferred to the best qualified agent available, he/she will have access to the user's conversation history and context for better understanding and to provide a more efficient service. The powerful Natural Language Understanding engine of the solution enables not only the detection of keywords (like most bots used in digital channels), but also identifies real intentions and images and corrects spelling, providing context to each interaction between the bot and the users, and guaranteeing an experience that is 100% conversational.

Another added value is the service creation environment, which is very easy to set up and allows for the design of the different interaction processes and knowledge base, with graphic flow editors to better programme the best way to solve requirements (text, image, video, menus, links, etc) and have quick access to the most frequently asked information.

Presence Social Interactions also offers data biometric authentication (face, fingerprint or voice), speeding up transactions that may be subject to loss of sensitive information, such as online payments, appointment scheduling and medical authorisations. It also offers integration with third-party applications, such as payment platforms or online apps, to execute different self-service processes, with no need to save sensitive data after the interaction has ended.

To Alfredo Gonz'alez, Product Director at Enghouse Interactive, the release of Presence Social Interactions is aligned with the company's commitment to provide its customers with cutting-edge tools that match the evolution of the industry: "WhatsApp is the leading digital messaging platform on the market and being the first to be offering an officially connected contact centre solution allows us to have a unique competitive advantage, reaffirming our position as a leading provider, and to continue offering innovative tools that enable the successful operation of companies from all economic sectors and their excellent management of customer experience processes."

If you would like to know more about Presence Social Interactions, download the brochure here, or contact us at

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