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Redstor to transform how Microsoft partners protect customers’ Kubernetes environments

New Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) delivers simple, rapidly scalable backup without complex scripting.

Reading, 29 Mar 2021
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Redstor, a global data management SaaS business, today announced the launch of a service that will transform the ease and speed with which MSPs and CSPs can protect their customers’ Azure Kubernetes environments.

Unlike other services that are highly complex to manage, require error-prone scripting and are not multi-tenanted, Redstor’s Azure Kubernetes backup (AKS) puts powerful capability in the hands of mainstream users, providing easy scalability and simple, ongoing management.

The Redstor solution is purpose-built for Microsoft cloud partners, providing a simple but powerful way to protect Kubernetes, Azure machines and M365 workloads. Partners can enhance their application transformation services whilst driving Azure consumption for further commercial benefits in the form of rebates and dividends.

Redstor’s smart data management platform allows IT administrators of all levels – not just Kubernetes experts – to protect and recover all data, including that held within Kubernetes clusters on Azure, in minutes.

Traditional, machine-based backups were not designed for modern, container-based applications.

To recover applications quickly, service providers need to deploy a Kubernetes backup solution as these back up not only applications, but configurations too.

With Redstor, service providers can:

  • Auto-scale protection of customers’ Kubernetes environments without the need for complex, painstaking scripting that is prone to user error.
  • Manage multiple accounts with a single, multi-tenanted solution, purpose-built for Microsoft cloud partners to deliver an integrated backup experience and unparalleled ease of use.
  • Protect Azure VMs, Azure Kubernetes Clusters and Microsoft 365 from a single, insightful, easy-to-use, Web app that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Recover a Kubernetes environment on Azure by quickly injecting data back into an existing cluster in the event of an issue; eg, ransomware, accidental or malicious deletion, misconfiguration.
  • Reap the rewards of low management overheads and a margin-rich solution that also drives Azure consumption – whether that storage be with the service provider, a customer or Redstor.

James Griffin, Chief Product Officer at Redstor, said: “Service providers have no need to bolt together multiple solutions or get involved with complex scripts that are too easily entered incorrectly.

"With Redstor, it's simple and easy to set up and manage Kubernetes backups with a product built specifically for Microsoft partners. There’s no switching between different interfaces, just a single application for low management overheads and the potential to make high margins quickly and on a large scale.”

For further information on Redstor backup for Kubernetes (AKS), please visit

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