Health tech start-up BroadReach gets Microsoft boost

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Health solutions company BroadReach has integrated Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare into its Vantage cloud platform for population health management, helping it to deliver automation and real-time data analysis functionality.

Vantage is a cloud-enabled app that allows healthcare workers to capture screening and testing data, providing operational tools to governments and private sector entities to achieve cost-effective and predictable health outcomes at scale.

BroadReach says the latest release of Vantage is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, so healthcare leaders and workers can access Vantage’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data insights and action workflows directly on Microsoft Teams.

The company says, like any other industry, healthcare is experiencing a more pressing need for transformation than ever before and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides capabilities that deliver efficiency on high-value workflows, as well as deep data analysis functionality for structured and unstructured data, enabling healthcare organisations to turn insight into action.

BroadReach Group has partnered with Microsoft since 2016 and the Vantage platform is built on the Microsoft stack and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Commenting on the Microsoft collaboration, Dr John Sargent, co-founder of BroadReach Group, says: “Our partnership personifies our motto to empower action and change lives. Vantage is the future for how the healthcare industry will work.

“Through its integration with Microsoft Teams, we combine the collaborative power of Teams with Vantage’s management decision support and workflow tools, supporting the industry where they work and how they work.

“Vantage democratises AI-enabled predictive and prescriptive management recommendations and distributes targeted workflows to specific employees using natural language (plain English) via Microsoft Teams, while the chatbot – Vantage Assistant – can join a meeting or Microsoft Teams Chat to respond to key questions as a virtual team member.”

Chris LeGrand, group CEO, adds: “Our mission is to harness health technology and innovation that empowers human action. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are able to advance this mission through tech-enabled solutions that help payers, providers and health systems optimise health outcomes and resources by enabling timely and informed action.”

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