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Sybrin undergoes restructuring to better serve its audience across the globe

The ability to reinvent and even disrupt businesses is critical in today’s fast-changing world.

Johannesburg, 16 Oct 2020
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With that in mind, Sybrin, a leading global provider of a rapid application development platform and a portfolio of niche business applications to enable digital transformation, has recently undertaken a business restructuring to better align with target markets and demographics. As of 1 August 2020, the business structure focuses on the company’s software business, its South African market, business in the rest of Africa, as well as international expansions.

Marius Mare, current CEO of Sybrin, is now Group CEO, with former COO Brendon Paul stepping into the role of CEO for Sybrin Africa, while Karabo Moloko joined the business as the new CEO for Sybrin South Africa.

Paul has been with Sybrin for close to two decades and is well acquainted with the business in Africa and its customer base. His background as the Chief Customer Success Officer will ensure he is well suited for his new role to drive growth throughout the continent where Sybrin has a well-established customer base.

Moloko has a recent background in digital strategy and information management, and will be leading the South African business with the aim of expanding Sybrin’s market share in the country. Moloko has a strong track record of developing and driving organisations’ digital transformation strategies and roadmaps, as well as leading business performance improvement programmes.

“Our purpose with this restructure is to create a focus on our target markets, being South Africa, rest of Africa, as well as newly formed international expansions such as Greece, the UK and the Philippines. These markets have different dynamics and our solution positioning needs to be aligned with these as well as our own offerings. From a South Africa and Africa perspective, we are very excited to be part of the renaissance from an IT perspective. Developing fit-for-purpose solutions and building local technology skills are key to this cause, and Sybrin is committed to making a positive contribution,” said Mare.

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