ITWeb announces inaugural CX summit

Johannesburg, 23 Jul 2019
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Research indicates that by 2020, customer experience (CX) is set to be more important than price when it comes to purchasing decisions. This means the days when businesses could rely on their products’ quality or availability alone are over.

Moreover, the voice of the customer has become louder, thanks to social media channels, where organisations are ripped apart for bad service or recommended for a job well done. The bottom line: CX is now a competitive differentiator that no organisation can afford to ignore.

And as more and more multinational giants such as Google or Amazon harness the power of CX technologies to improve the customer experience and deliver support through an increasing number of channels, customers demand 24/7 services and support, from local businesses and international giants.

With this in mind, ITWeb is hosting its first CX summit that will delve into omnichannel digital experiences and unpack how organisations across the board can incorporate technology that drives better CX, and develop products and services with the customer in mind.

“ITWeb Customer Experience 2019 will be held on 15 October at The Forum in Bryanston, and will showcase technologies than can strengthen customer interactions and share content that can give businesses a competitive advantage,” says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.

According to Mace, it is a major challenge for all IT leaders and other C-level executives who are looking to enhance their CX to find the right balance between technology and human interaction. “During this event we will look at all the technologies and solutions, and discuss how each will impact the organisation and drive better CX. We will also look at the limitations, and talk about the human factor and where it simply can’t be replaced.”

Attendees will hear all about the practical solutions for successfully implementing CX and UX into their businesses, and will learn new strategies for achieving better customer engagement all round. “It is an excellent opportunity to network with your peers, and hear from the experts, as they discuss the steps towards a successful CX journey, as well as the points of failure to avoid.”

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