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White paper: Enhancing automation in financial services organisations

Johannesburg, 06 Feb 2019
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Enhancing automation in financial services organisations.
Enhancing automation in financial services organisations.

South African financial services organisations, from small financial advisors and boutique wealth management firms to JSE-listed banks and insurance groups, are under growing pressure to reduce their operating costs, while enhancing the value they offer to their clients. As these organisations have grown, so has the complexity of their business processes and the cost of their back-office infrastructure. An increasingly strict and complicated regulatory environment compounds the challenges they face in delivering world-class products, services and advice, while ensuring ongoing sustainability and profitability.

While some institutions provide customers with electronic tools and self-service channels to manage their accounts or access service, many have not yet fully addressed the manual, paper-intensive nature of processes such as on-boarding new customers, know-your-customer/anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) compliance or verifying signatures.

The white paper will explore digital transformation technologies such as ECM and BPA to offer financial services institutions a way to streamline paper-driven processes, drive costs down, comply more easily with regulatory imperatives such as records retention, and improve collaboration in the business.

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