T-Systems relaunches training academy

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T-Systems says its academy has produced 1 502 internationally certified IT graduates.
T-Systems says its academy has produced 1 502 internationally certified IT graduates.

T-Systems SA has relaunched its ICT academy at larger premises near public transport hub Gandhi Squarein Johannesburg in a bid to cater for a wider pool of students. The company says the new facility will enable easier access to students using a variety of transport routes.

In a statement released today, the company says the ICT Academy is set to fall under the T-Systems Foundation, meaning it will form part of the company's shareholding. "This permits the ICT Academy to become a more independent entity and align its curriculum with real-world ICT needs and requirements," the company said.

Adre Du Plessis, VP for strategy and transformation at T-Systems SA, said the aim of the academy - which was founded in 2003 - was "to address the skills shortage in the ICT industry and make a positive difference in the lives of youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to further their studies.

"The purpose of the ICT Academy is to create a pool of employable graduates with relevant ICT skills and competencies. This enables the youth to participate and contribute toward sustainable economic growth".

Hands-on experience

Courses at the academy constitute around 70% of theory in the form of facilitation-based technical training and 30% workplace practical experience, where learners are placed in companies to gain exposure.

The company says it produced a total of 1 502 internationally certified IT graduates between 2003 and 2013, with an average pass rate of 95% and an overall employment rate of 85%. The average student intake per year increased from 96 to 130 in 2014.

T-Systems wants to increase intake to more than 200 students next year, with an increased focus on black female students and black students living with disabilities.

"Our new premises and larger ICTAcademy will enable us to continue to further skills development, offering additional courses to greater numbers of students. The location of the new academy was carefully chosen for maximum accessibility for students using public transport as well as those with disabilities. We will also continue to invest in the upliftment of young women, furthering equality in a predominantly male environment," added Du Plessis.

T-Systems says the academy is managed and supported by "active contribution from strategic business partners, offering students a first-rate education in computer technology as well as relevant international certifications".

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