Save training costs with in-house BI training

Johannesburg, 19 Jan 2016
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With a new year comes a new budget and targets. These targets can range from growing the business through executing new strategies or merely offering employee training as part of keeping their skills up to date.

And, like most companies, saving costs is always a priority. AppConverge is offering customised BI training specific to businesses and their specific items that cause issues. AppConverge's consultants are capable and skilled to offer this training.

The company's customised in-house BI training saves money in comparison to external training courses; it also makes it easier to gain access to AppConverge's BI experts who can assist in addressing specific training and business needs. They can also share their expertise and also map the training content to meet business objectives.

AppConverge will come to you and design this course according to your requirements. The course materials will also be developed from scratch to meet your requirements.

Contact AppConverge today on or give the company a call to discuss your training needs.

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