Indications of compromise

A guide to spotting and preventing malware infection.

Johannesburg, 29 Jun 2017
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Indications of compromise.
Indications of compromise.

Defending networks from attack is no easy task for IT professionals. Attacks range in capability and threat; and overreacting or implementing the wrong technology can be costly and make it easier for the bad guys.

This eBook describes the types of attacks facing a typical network and offers some successful mitigation strategies IT professionals have implemented to protect their networks.

Ultimately, treat this guide as a first step in designing your defence-in-depth strategy. IT professionals must truly understand the risk to the business and that IT security does not have "magic" solutions. There isn't a single technology that can prevent all the bad scenarios, despite what vendors say.

Cyber attacks, malware, and system vulnerabilities have been mystified and media-hyped beyond any sort of reasonable analysis. In fact, the most effective IT strategies against all unknown and known threats are generally the same. Patch and update the operating system, patch and update third-party applications, restrict administrative access, and use malware defences. These recommendations come from years of analysis by government and security organisations around the world.

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