BT, Symantec partner to provide endpoint security solution

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Mark Hughes, BT security CEO.
Mark Hughes, BT security CEO.

Communications services and solutions provider BT and cyber security company Symantec have partnered to safeguard companies from threats.

The security firm will now be adding its endpoint security offering - Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 to BT's existing safety portfolio to ensure that BT's customers are able to stay protected against cyber threats.

Symantec notes the new endpoint solution utilising machine learning and real-time behaviour monitoring tools to track threats as they occur and spread. It notes malware such as ransomware and zero-day attacks are covered by the solution, which Symantec says can even protect against "unknown threats".

"The ongoing migration to the cloud and digital transformation further raises the importance of endpoint security, says Mark Hughes, BT security CEO.

"By adding Symantec endpoint protection to our already broad security portfolio, we are further extending our ability to help businesses stay secure in the face of the growing cyber threats. It is an integral part of our shared commitment with Symantec to help organisations of all sizes stay secure as they build on their digital future."

According to Mike Fey, president and COO for Symantec, enterprises are facing a perfect storm with a growing attack surface, intensifying regulatory scrutiny and an increasingly sophisticated cyber kill chain.

"Today's attacks are multi-faceted, multi-staged and the endpoint is one of the most critical vulnerabilities. Responding to this rapidly evolving threat landscape requires an integrated cyber defence strategy, with best-in-class systems that can work together, becoming greater than the sum of their parts.

"In continuing to grow the Symantec capabilities offered within BT's security portfolio, BT's business customers will be able to build and benefit from the most comprehensive security platform in the market."

Symantec Endpoint Protection joins nine Symantec solutions available to BT's customers.

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