iEnter introduces XRay for rapid, simple, cost-effective PCI-DSS compliance

Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2015
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Johannesburg-based technology service provider iEnter has developed and introduced a new solution which eases compliance with the PCI-DSS payments standard.

The XRay solution combines all required hardware and software to scan databases rapidly for compliance data with full reporting to ensure transactional integrity.

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) was designed by key payments industry stakeholders to protect payment-card transactions. The standard covers a range of criteria, including the installation and maintenance of a firewall configuration, monitoring of access to network resources, and testing of Web applications. These criteria are all targeted at protecting cardholder data and have become essential for players in the payments industry.

"Maintaining system security can be a challenging, labour-intensive activity, a problem which is exacerbated with today's virtualised IT infrastructures," says Jan Lewis, iEnter managing director. "As a converged PCI-DSS solution, XRay delivers the audit capabilities which virtualised systems in particular require, and ensures these environments meet same security levels as physical servers."

An automated solution, XRay reduces the administrative costs of compliance by safely scanning and securing data transactions across any given organisation to identify patterns that indicate possible non-compliance with PCI-DSS standards.

Pieter Henrico, IT Operations Head at Hyphen Technology (a member of the FirstRand Group), explains how the solution works: "XRay is a unique pattern-scanning application; it scanned all our iSeries DB2 databases looking for a given pattern and discovered 30 million records which needed to be encrypted to achieve compliance."

Continuing, Lewis says XRay is designed to highlight any transaction records that don't conform to PCI-DSS regulations. "With the massive number of transactions processed on a daily basis by financial institutions, doing so manually is an impossible task. XRay does it in a tiny fraction of the time and cost - and if there is any pattern, XRay will find it."

The XRay solution is available in three editions for small, medium and large enterprises, each of which includes all hardware and software pre-packaged for rapid deployment. The solution is licensed on an annual basis, with pricing based on the number of transactions and connections scanned.

"XRay is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, with pricing that aligns to the value it delivers," Lewis concludes.

iEnter is an IBM Premier Partner.

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