Finding the right staff for your managed network services business

From MFD to MSP.

As competition increases and margins decline, many multi-function device (MFD) dealers want to diversify their offerings by transitioning to managed network services.

But becoming a successful managed services provider (MSP) requires the right kind of in-house expertise - and if you're just starting your journey as an MSP, there are two key positions that need to be put in place before all others.

The key additions to your team

Delivering an effective managed services program hinges on having the right people on your team. Both a Help Desk Manager and a Junior Help Desk Technician will be integral to supplying the in-depth IT knowledge required for managed network services.

You need a rigorous staffing process for these positions, both which need to be filled before you can offer IT support. But how will you know when you've found the right candidates?

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