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Johannesburg, 20 Nov 2012
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PHD Virtual Technologies is transforming data protection and enterprise monitoring in virtual IT environments. It pioneered "virtual backup appliances" (VBAs) in 2006, using virtual machines to backup virtual machines, and has since become an award-winning product of choice for data protection in virtual environments.

PHD Virtual also delivers a comprehensive monitoring solution for virtual and physical environments. More than 4 000 enterprise customers worldwide trust PHD Virtual for VMware and Citrix XenServer, to protect their business-critical data. It experienced tremendous growth in 2011, setting corporate revenue records and increasing new customer acquisition by over 75%.

With the addition of key international distribution partners, it has expanded its worldwide presence, helping to drive over a 50% increase in revenue from the EMEA region alone. The virtualisation market is rapidly expanding, and data protection and monitoring solutions are in high demand.

Sophisticated solutions that simplify data protection

PHD Virtual solutions enable companies to perform autonomous, fault-tolerant backup and restoration of an entire virtual environment in less time at lower cost. With PHD's unique architecture, its solutions can be deployed with minimal impact on virtual server, console or network performance, requiring no additional hardware or software investment.

PHD Virtual Technologies' free open source virtualisation utilities are aimed at enabling its customers to optimise their virtual environments. Using PHD Virtual's free products, customers can plan, configure, snapshot and automate repetitive tasks. The utilities are designed to help users save time and avoid data loss.

PHD Virtual Technologies has grown rapidly since its founding in 2005. Currently, over 4 000 enterprises, medium, and small customers use their products globally across all industry verticals.

PHD Virtual Monitoring

Robust, end-to-end virtual and physical infrastructure monitoring

PHD Virtual Monitor is a comprehensive virtualisation monitoring solution that helps you:

* Ensure availability of your business-critical applications
* Get a complete end-to-end view of your entire virtual and physical infrastructure
* Quickly identify, isolate and remediate performance issues
* Manage and meet your service level agreements
* Monitor your entire IT environment from a single, central dashboard

Setting a new standard for value, performance

PHD Virtual Backup

PHD Virtual Backup provides the absolute best value in virtual backup and monitoring for VMware and Citrix platforms. More than 4 500 customers worldwide rely on our products because they are effective, easier to use and far more affordable than competitive alternatives. PHD Virtual has expanded the unmatched value of its award-winning data protection software with the release of PHD Virtual Backup v6.0.

This latest version builds on our unique, patented virtual appliance architecture to deliver the most powerful, feature-filled, easy to use backup solution for virtual servers at a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives. Designed from the ground up as an exclusively virtual solution for the virtual environment, additional functionality in PHD Virtual Backup v6.0 includes:

* PHD Instant Recovery for VMware: Eliminate downtime and meet SLAs
Make any application available as quickly as possible in the event of a failure. PHD Instant Recovery gets you back up and running in less than three minutes.
* Full/Incremental Backup Mode: Optimised for moving data offsite and to the cloud
Extending the flexibility of PHD Virtual Backup, full/incremental mode is ideal for organisations leveraging third party tools to copy backup files to the cloud, or tape, or those utilising a hardware deduplication appliance or CIFS as a backup target.
* Application Aware Backups: Ensure application consistent backup
Take an application aware backup for any application every time. Maintain full confidence that backups of your mission-critical applications will complete without fail.
* Enhanced File Recovery: Dramatically simplified file recovery
Consume fewer resources and take advantage of unprecedented flexibility with enhanced file recovery.
* E-Mail Report Enhancements: Manage your daily backups with ease
"Set it and Forget it" backup management with daily, easy to read, HTML e-mails detailing backup jobs.
* Encryption and Security Improvements: Meet your organisation's compliance policies with ease
Enhance security with built-in encryption and meet compliance requirements with customisable security certificates.
* Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) Tools: Efficient backup infrastructure management
Simplify and streamline backup infrastructure management even further with new VBA Tools like Health Monitor.

Compared to any other backup product:

* Quickest and easiest installation
* Instant value
* Quicker, easier and effective scaling
* Faster performance
* Faster data recovery
* Smallest footprint
* No physical machines, no third-party OS or product licence costs
* Lower demand on resources
* Lowest storage usage
* More secure
* Comprehensive disaster recovery
* Far more affordable

Supported environment:

* VMware vSphere 4.x & 5.x
* ESX and ESXi 4.x & 5.x Hosts
* Citrix XenServer 6.0 & 6.0.2

Supported virtual machines:

* All operating systems supported by VMware & Citrix
* Any application
* Any file system

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