Edu-Supply digitises purchase of stationery supplies

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Marilyn Radebe, founder of Soma Solutions and Edu-Supply.
Marilyn Radebe, founder of Soma Solutions and Edu-Supply.

From 23 December, parents and schools across South Africa will be able to shop for stationery supplies via one-stop online store Edu-Supply.

This is the word from Marilyn Radebe, founder of Soma Solutions and Edu-Supply, saying the platform will offer school stationery supplies for all grades.

Edu-Supply has been developed by Soma Solutions, a female black-owned company that focuses on developing and propelling digitally-driven solutions for SMMEs and large enterprises.

As stationery shopping can sometimes be a headache for parents, especially around back-to-school time, Radebe tells ITWeb the main goal of Edu-Supply is to make this process more convenient for parents.

In addition, most parents prefer to buy stationery early in the year, and during this time they often find the stationery they are looking for has run out, or they simply do not have the time to go shopping.

With Edu-Supply, parents will be able to purchase stationery via their phones or laptops – a move that will help save them time, she says.

“The aim is to leverage the digital platform economy by digitalising the purchase of stationery. Being a mother of four, I fully understand the frustrations that parents across South Africa face when it’s back-to-school time. We are launching this platform to solve that problem, and help save parents time and money.”

Radebe also believes the online marketplace’s “highly” competitive pricing will help schools and parents to save money when shopping for stationery.

“All purchases from the 23rd December until the 31st January will receive a 10% discount,” she says. “Deliveries are free for orders over R1 000, with the delivery of items nationwide. The waiting period is eight to 10 days from date of online purchase.”

The school stationery suppliers are mainly from SA, with Freedom Stationery and Croxley as the main suppliers, according to Radebe.

In the long-term, Radebe says shopping options on Edu-Supply will include school uniforms as well.

“We are launching soon. In the meantime, you can start uploading or sending your children's stationery lists to from the 14th of December. The online store will be live for orders on the 23rd of December, for delivery nationwide,” she concludes.

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