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Successful use cases of the integrated video channel in different industries

Johannesburg, 12 Feb 2021
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Undoubtedly, the integrated video channel is evolving industries, Therefore, in this guide, we show you three use cases of companies that used face-to-face interactions to strengthen their services in the health and education sectors.

1. Allscripts: A twist on its app for connecting with patients.

Allscripts offers a healthcare solution that allows patients to use the FollowMyHealth mobile app to schedule appointments, access lab results, and even consult with their doctor. With VidyoPlatform, the FollowMyHealth development team was able to add video calls to the app and thus enable secure, contextual interactions between patients and providers.

2. Circles: Connecting executives through the integrated video channel.

Circles’ mission is to help people learn. Circles peer groups foster deeper conversations for continuous professional learning and impactful personal growth.

The overall concept is not particularly new: executive peer groups have proven to be an effective mentoring tool. However, most peer groups meet in person and, as such, are conducted at the local level. Now Circles replicates the concept with a virtual twist, connecting executives in similar roles via video.

3. Equatel: Bringing rural communities closer to the healthcare system.

Equatel believes healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege. The company has leveraged its telecommunications heritage to extend healthcare to remote communities around the world with inadequate access to the healthcare system.

Today, thanks to a partnership with VidyoPlatform, Equatel’s telemedicine infrastructure facilitates remote health consultations and diagnoses in different rural communities. Today, Equatel has several active projects in 21 African countries through Telemedicine.

Video calls have become increasingly popular and are part of our daily lives. However, business communications are still mostly voice and text-based, in terms of transactional and service processes. This neglects the significant benefits of the integrated video channel to enhance the prospect and customer experience.

Clearly, the use of video has important advantages, but many organisations are still reluctant to implement it. Mainly for reasons of business priorities, concerns about technology limitations, costs, and even due to the lack of a clear use case.

If you want to read the complete use cases, we invite you to download this guide. Also, remember that if you want to learn more about VidyoPlatform, you can access free minutes here to test the platform.

Download the guide.

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