AI-powered automation and AIOps in focus at IBM virtual event

Johannesburg, 13 Sep 2021
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Andrew Hewitt-Coleman, automation sales leader - FSS, IBM Southern Africa.
Andrew Hewitt-Coleman, automation sales leader - FSS, IBM Southern Africa.

AI-enabled automation is crucial for supporting enterprise change and growth, as well as ensuring that mission-critical IT applications and systems are proactively managed to mitigate risk. 

So says Andrew Hewitt-Coleman, automation sales leader - FSS, IBM Southern Africa, who was speaking ahead of a virtual event to be hosted by IBM in collaboration with ITWeb, on AI-powered automation for business.

“Automation alone is not enough – business and IT operations need AI to automate processes across the organisation intelligently, and to keep improving them,” says Hewitt-Coleman,.

WorkMarket research finds that 78% of business leaders say automation can save up to three work hours per day. These hours can be better spent on higher value work that delivers on strategic goals and customer experience,” he says. “With AI, automation not only supports workers by taking on the routine, mundane tasks – it also improves and standardises operations, collects and centralises business data for analytics, and increases operational visibility.”

The IBM virtual event on AI-powered automation for business transformation will deep dive into business automation and AIOps in two focused sessions.

Experts will highlight the new Mayflower autonomous ship, launched by ProMare and IBM, as an example of what is possible using AI. The Mayflower, the world’s first AI-enabled autonomous, crewless ship, is single-handedly taking on the task of exploring and collecting data about the oceans, using AI, edge computing and a range of IBM innovations. 

A panel discussion will explore how to automate anything, anywhere, anytime; and how IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation can transform organisations – with real world case studies.

Panelists will explain how AI tools like natural language and machine learning can support automation technologies like RPA and AIOps to transform and grow business, and elaborate on IBM’s ability to provide a one-stop shop of AI-powered automation capabilities and leadership in this space. 

Over the last year, IBM has made bold moves including acquisitions of Turbonomic, myInvenio, Instana and WDG Automation; ecosystem partnerships; and organic R&D including the launch of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and IBM Watson Orchestrate.

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