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Decision Inc. UK reinforces customer-centricity focus with new MD

Johannesburg, 15 Oct 2020
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Nicholas Bell, Group CEO of Decision Inc.
Nicholas Bell, Group CEO of Decision Inc.

Decision Inc., a global leader in digital transformation, has appointed Rick Newbould as the new Managing Director of Decision Inc. United Kingdom, with the objective of driving the group’s expansion strategy and harnessing new client opportunities in the United Kingdom and European markets.

Newbould brings a strong client-centric focus and proven leadership skills to the role of Decision Inc. UK’s managing director. Appointed as the Managing Director in August 2020, Newbould will be driving the company’s continued expansion strategy while remaining committed to building client relationships and opportunities in the UK.

“As a core member of the UK leadership team, Newbould is the perfect choice for the market and our clients,” says Nicholas Bell, Group CEO of Decision Inc. “He has extensive experience working with high-profile companies and, as a client-centric person, he understands the value of building relationships and embodying the Decision Inc. values. Under his leadership, Rick will bring a strong focus on innovation and leverage the global business to support our client’s digital ambitions.”

Newbould’s career prior to joining Decision Inc. has given him the solid foundation he needs to work with the executive team to grow the company. He was the Managing Principal and Head of Consolidation Services at Copperman Consulting for more than 10 years before Decision Inc. acquired a majority stake in the organisation. Newbould specialises in performance management, financial transformation and the design, development and deployment of SAP BPC. He also has experience across multiple industries that include: building materials, telecommunications, property, wholesale, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.

Rick Newbould, Managing Director of Decision Inc. United Kingdom
Rick Newbould, Managing Director of Decision Inc. United Kingdom

In the short term, Newbould will be working with customers to help them through the current pandemic-defined landscape, helping them to implement and optimise their business-critical applications and improve their scale and stance in a complex market.

“The lockdown and the global pandemic have forced organisations to spend time re-forecasting and reassessing their strategies,” says Newbould. “For us, it is essential that we find ways of helping our clients find solutions that enable them to become more agile and flexible in the current landscape.”

With Decision Inc.’s support, organisations can better assess their existing technology architecture and investment and use these insights to change how they approach process, system and technology. This will not only allow them to benefit from the ongoing evolutions in automation, but significantly reduce unnecessary overheads and improve overall productivity and performance.

“We can help our customers identify what will deliver the most strategic value and how to shift perspectives and approaches for the future,” adds Newbould. “We will be taking advantage of best practice from Decision Inc. globally so we can deliver solutions that truly empower the customer and the business.”

Newbold will be leveraging the Decision Inc. global Knowledge Platform, delivery scale and operational best practice and expertise to provide turnkey solutions designed to create growth opportunities for customers. The team will collaborate with the Decision Inc. Innovation and Digital practices to expand the range of services that they can provide to support and help clients build their digital businesses.

“I am excited about the opportunity to lead Decision Inc. in the UK. Utilising the skills and knowledge from across the world will enable us to help our customers thrive and prosper in this new digital age,” concludes Newbould.

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