Fully digital solution safeguards farm estate

Marlenique Estate opts for an Axis end-to-end solution to secure its premises.

Johannesburg, 20 Jul 2020
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Unfortunately, crime can affect even the most idyllic of settings, and picturesque venues are no exception. Marlenique Estate needed a fully automated security system that would rule out the need for human guarding due to high levels of vandalism and theft. The estate had security guards on 24-hour patrol, which proved to be both costly and ineffective. A system was needed whereby security personal would only be deployed on incident. In addition, the perimeter had to be secured with an early warning alert system.


Axis partner Energize Technology Africa was tasked to design and install a security solution that automates all aspects of safeguarding the premises and to mainly rely on armed response only in the event of an incident. The system also had to be more cost-effective than 24-hour on-site guards.

An Axis solution was chosen due to its low maintenance needs, scalability and low false alarm ratio. With the use of analytics and Vapix commands, this end-to-end solution was able to achieve the requirements of the venue.


Within the first two weeks of the installation, there were three perimeter breaches, of which two resulted in arrests. Vandalism has dramatically reduced and productivity of the crops has increased to almost double due to the elimination of theft. The installation also provided the estate with the means to add a powerful solar farm that, prior to the system, would have been vandalised and subjected to theft. This is all thanks to the early warning solution that Axis Communications had to offer.

Family business with an eye for technology

Marlenique Estate is situated in the Simondium area of the Winelands District of the Western Cape and is a beautiful 190-hectare farm with resident houses as well as function venues. The fertile land of the farm allows for the export of high-quality fruit. Marlenique Estate is owned by the Van der Merwe family of the renowned Boplaas in Ceres. Boplaas, established in 1743, is the oldest family-owned business in South Africa.

With such an immense area to safeguard, vandalism and crime were on the rise. Axis partner, Energize Technology Africa, designed a solution that ruled out the need for physical guarding and offered a very low false alarm ratio. The company has aligned itself towards being an expert in safeguarding agricultural, lifestyle and corporate segments.

As a first line of defence, Axis thermal cameras were chosen to detect any perimeter breaches. Large floodlights were connected to the I/Os of the cameras. With the use of Axis Perimeter Defender, the analytic triggers the floodlights to switch on at night to deter any potential intruders. Adding on a second layer of deterrence, the Axis C3003-E Network Horn Speaker then gives a prerecorded message if the perimeter is breached. It is also at this stage that the armed response company would get notified of the incident. The Axis Q6125-LE PTZ camera allows for visual confirmation of any perimeter breaches. Thanks to Sharpdome Technology, this camera allows the user to see as much as 20° above the horizon with the same sharp image quality as below the horizon.

Securing the common areas, houses and venues

A mix of Axis Bullet cameras as well as Axis M3105-LVE dome cameras were installed around the houses, pump houses, offices and function venues. They are used for visual overviews, but are also equipped with analytics for human detection. I/O modules have been installed and connected with radio receivers and four button remotes for the residents. With these remotes, the analytics on the cameras can be armed/disarmed, which allow the owners to move freely in the common areas. The red button on the remote has been programmed as a panic button; when pressed, it activates all 20 horn speakers.

Entry and exit to the estate have been controlled with Axis Door stations. The calls route through to the reception with the function of failover to other lines. With the Axis A8105-E, you get clear communication, high-quality video surveillance and convenient remote entry control all in a single unit. You can see, talk to, identify and then open the door to visitors directly or remotely from wherever you are. You can use your cellphone, IP phone or video management system (VMS) to do it. With the door stations connected to the Axis camera station, the estate has a record of all entries both in and out. Axis Bullet cameras with LPR software also allows the estate to manage the entry and exit of all authorised vehicles.

Future expansion

Since the initial installation, the system has been expanded and the pack house now also makes use of network audio as well as multi-sensor cameras. A greenhouse is under construction and an Axis end-to-end solution has already been designed for this. Mike Pritchard and Jan Steenkamp, directors of Energize Technology, had the following to say: “As Energize Technology Africa, we decided to do the security roll-out for Boplaas 1743 Estate in partnership with Axis Communications. We found the installation to be a great success and we have met all the client’s expectations. In our opinion, Axis is the only way to go. The products are world-class and we have always received professional and courteous service. The system is so well put together that most, if not all, incidents are deterred before even happening.”

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