AppCentrix donates 160 laptops to Gauteng schools

School principals overjoyed with difference new laptops will make to learners.

Johannesburg, 20 Mar 2019
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The principal of Tembisa West Secondary School, R Seleho, said he was more than grateful when local managed services IT company, AppCentrix, called to say the school would be a beneficiary of the company's laptop donation programme.

AppCentrix has donated 160 laptops to schools in Gauteng this month as part of its socio-economic development programme.

The school received 20 laptops for learners today during a handover ceremony that was attended by the principal, learners and directors of AppCentrix.

"When I was called and told we would be on the receiving end of this donation, I requested a confirmation letter to show that we were indeed so fortunate," said Seleho.

Seleho said the donation would improve learners' ability to access technology and generally make teaching easier in the school.

"What has had to be done manually, or by sharing computers between learners, can now be done in a dedicated learning environment," he said.

Director of AppCentrix, Karabo Tamela, said that long term, the company hoped the newly installed infrastructure in the schools would "help to produce data analysts and scientists in the next decade. This supports the critical skills sets that government plans to grow to support the fourth industrial revolution agenda, and improve the economy and job creation.

"Through this project, we are confident that boosting access to technology will motivate the learners at schools to excel."

AppCentrix has included six local schools in its initiative this year, and will be donating 160 laptops overall. In addition, the company will employ 12 interns this month from the community, who will enjoy a year-long learnership with the company, taking on data science and technology skills.


AppCentrix is a South African-based ICT services company offering locally developed solutions. Over a decade ago, the company started out by looking to provide solutions for clients wanting to have full visibility across their IT operations. Realising how difficult it was to span silos and provide a correlated view of devices, applications and infrastructure in a way that made sense to business leaders, they sought out the best technologies and high-end solutions. In doing so, a comprehensive managed service, SmartICT, was created.

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