Mining solutions company takes its ERP into the cloud

Johannesburg, 25 Jul 2018
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AccTech Systems has successfully migrated a mining solutions company to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. The mining development and construction investment company has partnered with AccTech in the past, with favourable results, and did not hesitate when AccTech suggested the solution to ensure better elasticity and control over the infrastructure during peak performance periods.

The client required AccTech to migrate Sage Evolution ERP over to a more stable and managed environment. Over 24 of the client's group companies were required to form part of the configuration. The companies not using Sage Evolution will be converted, and a standard segmented chart of accounts will be implemented to ensure uniform reporting purposes.

"Our previous ERP system was physically hosted in Johannesburg and, on the recommendations of AccTech, we saw the opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft Azure's infrastructure and software services," says the CFO. "The absence of mobility was also a concern. AccTech suggested the Azure hosting platform and various backup and disaster recovery services, which has proven to be very stable and adaptable," says the CFO.

"AccTech BPM was added to assist with remote or Web-based capturing of transactions. Microsoft Power BI and Sage Enterprise Intelligence were also installed for consolidated reporting purposes. Other services, like Backup, Backup plus (disaster recovery) and Service Monitoring were included for measurement and monitoring of optimal cloud performance in the Azure platform," says Tertius Zitzke, CEO of AccTech Systems. "The Microsoft Azure platform is robust and allows for high availability, limiting down-time and allowing users to focus more on business value-added activities rather than mundane and repetitive tasks; our offerings now take care of this," says Zitzke.

AccTech suggested an agile approach for the implementation and training process to successfully migrate the current companies over to the cloud platform. "The Microsoft Azure environment was created and, in turn, each company went live with financials, BPM and BI reporting simultaneously. This allowed for minimum disruption for the key uses. Once completed, the fixed assets team commenced their work, with the client's staff undergoing in-depth training on AccTech BPM processes in DRC and Zambia," says Zitzke.

"Full scalability is now an option with the incorporation of AccTech BPM," says the CFO for the mining company. "Microsoft Azure also allows for the ease of scalability. The current services can be scaled and any new service can be provisioned according to our needs. We have experienced reduced infrastructure costs, faster processing with managed servers, simpler replication, mobility and data protection thanks to this new solution," says the CFO.

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