IBM continues to advance Linux leadership, reports DH Brown

Comprehensive report rates IBM as an industry leader in nine key areas

Johannesburg, 04 Sep 2003
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IBM pursues the IT industry`s broadest and most aggressive Linux strategy, offers the broadest Linux-supported product line, employs the largest contingent of open-source programmers, and fields the greatest number of open source projects, according to a report issued in August by DH Brown Associates, Inc in the US.

The report, "Linux Strategies and Solutions 2003", is an extensive update of DH Brown`s competitive vendor analysis of IBM`s, Dell`s, HP`s and Sun`s approach to Linux, first issued in 2000.

"IBM`s commitment to Linux and the value IBM brings to Linux has never been in doubt and over the past year is stronger than ever," said Pierre Fricke, executive vice-president, DH Brown Associates, Inc. "Its multi-vendor support services and community leadership have been key in helping to advance Linux into the enterprise."

In the report, IBM offers significant differentiation and value-add in nine of the rating categories: Product Line Breadth, Blades, Hardware Differentiation, System Management, Software Portfolio, Migration Services, Value-Added Services and Support, Applications Focus and Linux Community Leadership.

"The continuing advance of Linux in the enterprise is the result of the strong support of three separate but important audiences; the open source community, vendors such as IBM and, of course, the customers," said Jim Stallings, general manager, Linux at IBM.

"Coming off one of the most successful LinuxWorld`s to date, the recognition of IBM`s total commitment to Linux from DH Brown is gratifying. IBM, however, will not rest and will continue to work with its customers and the open community to expand the Linux footprint in the enterprise and to enhance its growing presence as a viable alternative in the marketplace."

IBM achieved DH Brown`s highest ratings in the following areas:

Product Line Breadth - "IBM displays the broadest product line" with Linux-ready offerings across Intel-based, RISC-based and mainframe servers, ranging from server appliances to data centre consolidation servers. DH Brown also noted that "IBM markets the broadest Linux support software in its middleware product line".

Value Added - IBM offers Linux-ready systems across its eServer platforms and has "developed significant hardware value" added in its xSeries industry-standard servers and its zSeries mainframes. Other areas IBM offers significant value-add include blades, system management, software portfolio and migration services.

Services and Support - IBM`s multi-vendor technical support and service offerings are examples of leadership support programs.

Applications Focus - IBM`s strategy calls for expanding the application base on Linux and establishing IBM as a leader, enabling the transition for ISVs by means of enablement programs and tools. IBM is also re-emphasizing application development tools and infrastructure applications where mainstream Linux adoption is already under way, reports DH Brown.

Linux Community Leadership - IBM employs the largest contingent of open source programmers (over 300) and fields the greatest number of open source projects as evidenced by the breadth of activity of its Linux Technology Center. Its standout leadership areas include Apache, both as part of WebSphere and standalone, the Eclipse development environment initiative, and its work on open sourcing key XML and Web services technology to proliferate those standards.


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