2021 Tech Innovator Details – WatchGuard Technologies – WatchGuard Cloud

Winner: MSP/MSSP Platforms

Johannesburg, 15 Nov 2021
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Company: WatchGuard Technologies, 505 Fifth Avenue South Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98104 USA, 8007349905 


Company Twitter Handle: @watchguard

Founded: 1996

Top executive: Prakash Panjwani

Channel chief: Michelle Welch

Please briefly describe the product, its functionality and its target market:

The WatchGuard Cloud platform comes standard with every WatchGuard Firebox appliance to centralise security management and reporting across all WatchGuard security services within a single cloud-based interface. Built from the ground up to support and enable MSPs, WatchGuard Cloud allows IT solution providers to deliver enterprise-grade security services, while eliminating infrastructure costs, accelerating customer acquisition, delivering infinite scalability via multi-tier, multi-tenant capabilities, and minimising time spent on reporting and operational tasks. Firebox management and network configuration in WatchGuard Cloud is simple to set up and configure for multiple clients and different networks, without compromising on security. WatchGuard Cloud is the ideal security platform for MSPs because it radically simplifies how they protect customers, while enabling rapid, efficient and profitable growth. With it, partners and customers can spend less time on security deployment and management, and more time on initiatives that grow and strengthen their business.

What makes your product innovative?

WatchGuard Cloud makes it simple to manage and report on Firebox security environments, AuthPoint MFA and Endpoint Security from a single pane of glass. Building on its industry-leading centralised security visibility, MSP-specific management interface and advanced executive reporting, the latest version incorporates new capabilities. WatchGuard Cloud now offers advanced policy management with one-click security service implementations, risk-based MFA frameworks that simplify zero-trust security, and built-in threat analysis that unifies threat intelligence, correlation and threat scoring across WatchGuard's security stack. It's more actionable, insightful and faster than the competition, offering a seamless experience that streamlines critical management, logging and reporting tasks for MSPs. Partners get access to the platform as a true value-added service with WatchGuard's products and Security Suites. And, with the most recent addition of WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions, WatchGuard has centralised the delivery of protection for networks, endpoints and identities to provide a truly unified security platform.

Does your product include artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies?

ThreatSync is a threat correlation security service that enables MSPs with managed detection and response capabilities across networks and endpoints. It is hosted in WatchGuard Cloud and available through WatchGuard's Total Security Suite. The service leverages an artificial intelligence engine to aid in the identification and classification of files. ThreatSync uses AI to automatically analyse combinations of features and characteristics to determine if a file possesses suspicious characteristics, before sending the file for further analysis in APT Blocker, WatchGuard's next-generation cloud sandbox. This prevents truly suspicious files from going undetected and allows you to identify real threats with more confidence.

Date the product was introduced: 6/2/21

Date the product was first available/shipping: 4/9/19

Is this product sold by or delivered through solution providers, systems integrators, VARs or other channel partners in North America? Yes

Why is this product important to your channel partners?

WatchGuard's MSP partners see WatchGuard Cloud as a simplified platform for delivering security as a service, improving their businesses and increasing profitability. Its multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture allows MSPs to create and onboard an unlimited number and type of accounts, and its powerful inventory management features let users view and track licensing across all customers. MSPs can also allocate and deallocate services to customers on terms that fit their service models, run reports in seconds across terabytes of data, easily configure alerts, notifications, policies and reports across all security applications and more. The entire platform is designed to better support and enable MSPs!

What are the recurring revenue opportunities for channel partners with this product?

No matter how partners deliver their service agreements to clients – whether by including weighted up-front agreements or evenly distributed across a recurring billing cycle – WatchGuard provides flexible options for partners to purchase products and services through the WatchGuard FlexPay program in a way that best fits each MSP's business model. This includes fixed term pre-pay, fixed term pay-as-you-go and zero commitment pay-as-you-go options.

Is this product sold through North American distributors? If yes, please list:

Yes, WatchGuard Cloud is included as part of WatchGuard's Security Services and available via all North American distribution partners selling WatchGuard's portfolio, including: Ingram, TechData, Synnex and more.

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