Develop SA and TVR Systems partner to meet IEC needs

Since 2016, TVR Systems has supplied DEVELOP SA office automation equipment, as well as full IT support, to over 200 IEC offices in SA.

Johannesburg, 25 Jul 2019
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When TVR Systems was awarded a contract to supply the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) with multifunctional devices in 2016, it partnered with DEVELOP SA to provide the commission with multifunctional devices needed for numerous locations, nationally.

Since 2016, TVR has supplied DEVELOP office automation equipment to over 200 permanent IEC offices in SA, including its head office, provincial management offices and print room.

Since then, TVR Systems has been awarded several opportunities to supply technology to the IEC.

TVR Systems' managing member, Shaun Enoch, says that in the lead-up to this year’s election, TVR Systems also supplied the IEC with computers at its counting centres. “In addition to supplying the equipment, we provided full IT support. During elections, we had technicians on standby in all provinces, as well as a permanent technician on site at the national Results Operation Centre.”

Enoch says winning the IEC contract was life-changing for him. “I had just left a permanent job to get my own company off the ground when I decided to bid for the IEC contract. It was the biggest contract in the country at the time, and winning it took my business to a new and unanticipated level.”

With 15 years’ experience as a master technician in the office automation industry in SA and the United Kingdom under his belt, as well as having excellent relationships with companies such as DEVELOP SA and his own company’s BEE Level 1 status, Enoch was well positioned to take on the IEC business.

DEVELOP SA's general manager, Sudhir Daya, says his company partners with about 30 dealers around the country, including SMEs such as TVR Systems.

“Winning the IEC business was an amazing success story for TVR Systems. The company was a start-up business back in 2016, and we were keen to assist where we could to encourage and progress small and medium-sized businesses within the market. DEVELOP SA supplies TVR Systems with robust, reliable and technically advanced products, which helps it win repeat business with the IEC.”

TVR Systems supplies the IEC with various DEVELOP SA models, ranging from the 35-page per minute (ppm) device to the 95ppm one. The latter was deployed at the IEC’s main counting centre during the 2019 elections, with a technician on site to oversee proceedings.

With the business growing from strength to strength, TVR Systems is looking to employ five additional technicians, as well as more administration staff. “We currently employ 11 people. The new intake of employees will take our staff complement to just over 20 people,” says Enoch.

Daya says DEVELOP SA is proud to work with successful operations such as TVR Systems. “Shaun and his team have a strong vision of success and we are happy to support them in realising their vision and business goals.”

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